Custom Design

I do also offer CUSTOM DESIGNS. These designs are either based on your concrete vision of the artwork or on the general direction and concepts you will have to tell me about. The format of these designs can be various, be it a jewel-case or digipak CD, a tape design, a vinyl, a shirt, a poster or something entirely different. Most designs can be converted into many different formats as well, which is useful if you wish to release your album in different formats or create merchandise articles based on them.

Most of the artworks I have done have been custom designs, so have a look at them if you would like to see some references.


When contacting me about a custom design, please include as many details as possible. If you have a concrete vision of the album, state it as clearly and detailed as possible. If you merely have a concept and would like to leave it up to me to visualize it, then please explain this concept to me in all its details. If possible, send some lyrics or other things along.

I will also need all technical specifications. Let me know if it’s a poster, digipak or vinyl you’re looking for. How many booklet pages do you want? Is it going to be a gatefold vinyl with an insert sheet or a simple two-sided jacket? How many flaps will the tape have? And so on. Be precise.

As stated on the previous page, I do not set any fixed prices. I’ll leave it up to you to make me an offer that you consider to be fair, so we can adjust to your budget. I will consider your offer based on your wishes and specifications and will then either accept it or counter your offer. We will find a price we both agree on.

When making your offer, think about the amount of work it will take to create your artwork. Are you asking for a seamless 6-panel digipak design with an extensive booklet or is it going to be a minimalistic 2-flap tape design? Do you wish to use the artwork in only one format or do you wish to use it in several formats, e.g. on a digipak, a vinyl and a tape? The more work needs to be done, the higher you should set your price.